Festival Fit!

We're a smart bunch here in Hunter HQ, that's why we've got our 'Festival Phone' sorted for Electric Picnic next week, courtesy of Carphone Warehouse. It's safe to say that everyone has lost, broke or had their precious smart phone stolen at a festival before. Odds are you're far too busy enjoying yourself, swinging out of fellow festival goers to bother to notice your phone flying into a near by tree or slipping into a near by puddle. In fact you barely have a minute between seeing your fav acts and thinking of new found ways to stash your drink to spend time worrying about your phone.

That's where Carphone Warehouse come in, they're offering festival punter's a Samsung Keystone 2 phone for €4.99 in stores nationwide and on all networks. The phone is the ideal companion for any festival and erases the fear of losing your shiny smart phones. Plus with amazing battery life you can avoid loosing friends and wasting time queuing to recharge your battery. It's not just smart, it's genius.