Does Harlem Shake mean anything to you?

Does Harlem Shake mean anything to you? If you spend any length of time on youtube it probably will. And it's unlikely your facebook feed hasn't included a least a few links to variations on the Harlem Shake theme. The formula is basic enough, an individual dances alone to a song called, you guessed it, 'Harlem Shake'. This person is generally wearing a helmet (any helmet will do) and usually being ignored by those around them. Then, suddenly, everyone else joins in and it's one big party. We're well used to these internet crazes by now; a video goes viral and suddenly there are hundreds, thousands, of videos spoofing - or paying tribute to - the original. But this particular craze is slightly different. How? Well no one seems to be able to agree on how it started. A google search reveals that a group of Australian lads got things going with a video posted online a little over a fortnight ago, a video that now has over 10 million views. But try telling that to someone who has seen the Norwegian army do it first, or chat show host Jimmy Fallon, or the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, or even a Harlem Shake on the top of Dublin Bus. Videos can be made and uploaded so easily and quickly now that the tributes and spoofs of a viral video can quickly overtake the original. In the space of two weeks Harlem Shake has managed to go from viral video to overdone meme. There will be plenty of new Harlem Shake videos released over the coming weeks, many by companies hoping to jump on the bandwagon, but they are as likely to be greeted with a collective moan as 'Harlem Shake fatigue' sets in. You will also read the phrase 'Harlem Shake fatigue' a lot more, but we're claiming the copyright on that one. Which brings us to you. There you are with your new phone, it's a got a lovely video camera built in and there even appears to be an editing function available. You have always secretly suspected that your destiny is to be labelled the Irish Scorsese, and now is your chance. How do you prevent your creative efforts being lost in the mix? Well you have three options. Option One Get in there first. Well not first technically, just a very close second. The minute you see something funny online think of a way to piggyback on the creators idea. Isaac Newton spoke of 'standing on the shoulders of giants'. Well it's just like that, except you will be standing on the shoulders of the guy who dressed his dog up like a person and uploaded the video. Option Two Come up with your own idea. This requires dedication, imagination, creativity and skill. If that all sounds like too much hard work we refer you back to Option One. Option Three Cats. Get a cat. Film the cat all the time. Post everything the cat does online. Watch the views pile up. You could actually be the Irish Scorsese, but you will achieve far more succes by just focusing on your cat. One day the internet will consist of nothing but cat videos, get ahead of the curve. Good luck, and please remember us when you are a youtube sensation.