Celebrate Christmas and New Year..with a twist.

The Christmas feasting has begun here and our thoughts are turning to what we're going to eat on the big day… Of course there is the turkey, the ham, the sprouts (love them or loathe them) and the tins of Roses in front of the TV, but the one element that divides people almost as much as the aforementioned sprouts is Christmas pudding. There’s no denying it’s a classic, but the rich pudding is not is not to everyone’s tastbuds… For an alternative choice to the age old traditional pudding, why not try a Panecotte, delicious yet still festive, especially a chocolate one, for all those chocolate lovers! The penecotte is, after all, traditionally festive. We like Jamie Oliver’s chocolate version…The Winter Chocolte Bomb… The Italian sweet bread sums up everything that is good about the Christmas holidays – the decorative “wrapping” paper around the base, the spiced scent, the candied peel secreted in the fluffy bread andto top it off chocolate fudge sauce…yum! It’s unapologetically, excessively festive. Not only is it very indulgent, it’s also surprisingly easy– perfect when you’re already up to your elbows preparing for Christmas Day! And finally to ring in the New Year….be a bit orginal and try a quick and easy alternative to the old mojito or strawberry dacari and serve your own customized cocktail…. a cocktail with a twist as such… like the one we came up with here in the Hunter offices.…The Kiss With A Twist Cocktail! Kiss With A Twist Cocktail Fill a large jug one-third the way full with crushed ice. Pour in 500ml pomegranate juice, 100ml ginger ale, 70ml brandy, twist of lemon. Add 1 bottle of sparkling wine, Mix well and serve…   And voilà! So simple and great fun! See you all in the 2013 everyone…..