Carphone Warehouse Samsung Galaxy S4 lockdown

Smartphones are beginning to rival films and computer games in terms of the excitement their launches can generate. And so it was when Carphone Warehouse unveiled the S4 ahead of the rest of Europe back on April 26th. With #gs4lockdown trending on the day, it's safe to say the 'Lockdown' events got people talking about the most anticipated phone of 2013. In Cork comic actress Hilary Rose brought the S4's translation features through its paces with the help of her 'Irinka' character. Cork's Eoin Cadogan set some hearts a flutter... and, you know, spoke about the phone. Red FM's Stevie G pitched in having run a successful competition for the handset in the build up to the Lockdown. And the Cork Independent's Peter Horgan gave a journalists perspective on the device. You can check out the Cork video here... Back in Dublin we had comedian PJ Gallagher, 2FM's Rick O'Shea, Mike Sheridan from and Elaine Burke from Silicon Republic into Carphone's Dundrum store. All gave the S4 a test run and spoke about some of their favourite features. Both events attracted a combination of tech addicts, experts and some lucky competition winners and brought home just how big a deal a smartphone release now is.