Buon Appetito - Prepare to Drool!

Perfectly placed in the heart of Dublin’s City Centre and the refreshing sea side surroundings of Dun Laoghaire, lies a little taste of Italy. For over a decade, the award winning name of Toscana Italian restaurant’s have been serving up authentic Italian cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere, providing a great Italian dining experience. Specialising in the authentic taste of Italian dishes with the use of locally grown organic vegetables from their very own Wicklow Garden, Toscana restaurants pride themselves on their excellent menu based around locally sourced produce. It’s no wonder it was named Good Food Ireland Best Grow It Yourself Restaurant in Ireland 2013/2014.

Building Toscana restaurants wine list has been as rigorous a process as building our food menus. Toscana sources wine by visiting small Italian family vineyards, where generations of passion and enthusiasm are reflected in their wines. Their list is structured by the different regions of Italy, after endless tastings and the rejection of hundreds of wines.  "We want to bring wines to our restaurants that deliver enough complexity and quality with a genuine price.  Toscana import exclusively for their restaurants in Dublin. This thoughtful selection allows wine lovers to taste great Italian wines not available to other retailers in Ireland.  

If it’s a night out your after, Toscana’s City Centre location offers the choice of the recently developed Piano Bar on its lower ground floor. Open every Friday and Saturday evening from 8.30pm till late, this is the perfect place for an evening drink before or after evening shows in the closely situated theatres. On the other hand, if it’s a quiet weekend’s activity you’re after, Toscana’s sister restaurant in Dun Laoghaire is the perfect treat after a relaxing walk on the pier, while taking in the spectacular views of Dublin bay.

When asked about the aims and objectives of the Toscana name, restaurant proprietor Dee Bytyqi said: “The Italian dining experience from Toscana, is the closest you’ll get to a taste of Italy without packing your bags”“Our passion for growing has intensified over the past 12 years as our customers enjoyed what we produced and so demand grew naturally. The farm-house gardens are an integral part of our philosophy towards cooking and healthy living, and we believe that our customers should eat as well as we do at home. Avoiding any nasty sprays, using organic farm eggs from our corn-fed hens, we use seasonal organic fruit vegetables salads and herbs, and we pride ourselves on seasonal home-grown produce packed with nutrients. Combining our fertile Irish soil with the rich heritage of classic and modern Italian cuisine.”