Are you green with envy?

Carphone Warehouse launch the iPhone 5c & iPhone 5s. from Hunter Communications on Vimeo. Last Thursday saw five mystery men splash Dublin with colour as they celebrated the arrival of the long awaited iPhone 5c and 5s. The mischievous men were the work of Carphone Warehouse as they prepared to open their doors at 7am the following morning. The people of Dublin seemed to share Carphone's excitement as Guards, builders, students and shoppers all got into the spirit of things, posing for photo's with the mysterious men. But these men weren't just being friendly, these men were on a mission to give one lucky Dubliner a brand new iPhone 5c. Usually these competitions would require entrants to jump through hoops in order to win such a sought after prize. Not this time, as all Carphone Warehouse required was for the public to get their photo taken with the guys and tweet it to @CarphoneIE including the hashtag couldn't be easier. Well it could be, The Metro Herald were as excited as everybody else, and to show it, they were printing clues as to where in the city the guys could be found. As you can imagine, Twitter went wild with all kinds of everybody wanting to get involved in this exceptional opportunity. As the day drew to a close, the five men disappeared from the streets of Dublin to prepare for their early start the following morning. Friday morning came and as expected, both Grafton Street and Henry Street saw queue's of eager Apple fans line the windows of Carphone Warhouse. The mystery men were there on hand to give the loyal and hungry customers fruit, yogurt and Macaroon's to tide themselves over until they got their hands on their new phones. As the morning advanced, more and more customers graced the floors of Carphone Warehouse to choose their colour from the white, yellow, pink, blue or green handsets on offer. All in all, it was mission accomplished....but that's not where it ends. Tomorrow morning (Friday 1st November) Carphone Warehouse will take to Twitter once more to announce the winner of the iPhone 5c. If you were there, and tweeted your picture to @CarphoneIE with #whatsyourcolourcpw, it could be you. Thank you Dublin for taking part, and good luck.