Here at Hunter PR we love to find great apps for our smartphones to keep our busy schedules in check! and with the success of last years Appys Awards in association with The Carphone Warehouse which highlighted some of the great apps available to smartphone customers in Ireland, we are excited to see what the 2011 Appys Awards have in store for us this year!

It has been a great year for App developers all over the world, some really great and useful apps have been coming out of the wood-work at a speedy pace & with  the 2011 Appys Awards looming we wanted to highlight some of our favorite apps that we couldn't function without!

Our most recent yet probably most useful app is simple called Bus Time Dublin, "it is the first iPhone app to show the true arrival time of buses in the Dublin city. Using real time satellite tracking of the Dublin bus fleet & advanced analysis of Dublin city traffic to give you the most accurate bus arrival time information available" this app has been nothing short of a 'god-send' for us, we have found it to be 100% accurate and allows you to have a much better commuting experience travelling with Dublin bus. is a great app on  the android market "get the latest news from Ireland & abroad from, is the future of news in Ireland. Up-to-the-minute breaking news, all day, every day, we tell our stories through word, video, pictures, polls & reader comments". This has been our go-to app for all our news needs, it is constantly refreshing with the latest news which is perfect for keeping us current.

Pages "exclusively design for the iPad, iPhone, & iPod touch. Pages lets you create, edit & view documents wherever you are, every page looks stunning and clear on the iPad thanks to the high-resolution Retina display". We have had so much fun creating beautiful documents with this app, after using the app you feel that word processing was built for the iPad! and MS Word is a thing of the past. A must for iPad owners.

Our 'just for fun' app is FilmOn Live TV - "HDI Anytime, Anywhere, Everywhere, brought to you by, watch free live TV on your IOS device". We thoroughly enjoy this app for when we get some time to relax. Digital subscription could be a thing of the past with 'FilmOnLiveTV'.

The Appys Awards 2011 in association with The Carphone Warehouse will be taking place in the Mansion House on the 3rd November and will highlight some of the best Irish developed Apps & the growing app market in Ireland.

Stay tuned for all the coverage of the winners of this year's Appys Awards in association with The Carphone Warehouse.