A Classic Development!!

If you were to ask the masses, "what's the most relaxing genre of music around?"  You can be sure that Classical music would be a popular response. Well prepare to put the boots up with Deezer, as they have teamed up with Universal music to create a groundbreaking app for classical music fans. This news has come shortly after Universal announce the release of their entire classical back catalogue on the music streaming site. Not only will this allow music fans to listen to various interpretations of renowned classical hits, but will provide them with a digital experience that has previously been unavailable for this genre. For those of you who know this genre, the likes of  DG, Decca, Philips, L'Oiseau Lyre and Accord’s will be nothing new. However, if these classical labels mean nothing to you, this app will allow you search what you do know by composer, era, genre, instrument, interpretation and even mood. This is where the unique selling point lies, as not only will it optimise the search engine, but also help you discover the best in classical music. Axel Dauchez, CEO of Deezer said, “The appetite for classical music is huge. With exciting young artists like Lang Lang and Nicola Benedetti attracting new, younger audiences all over the world, especially in Europe and Asia, the demand for classical on digital services is only going to get stronger.” “Up until now, classical fans haven’t been able to get the best experience from digital services.  Through this collaboration with DG, Decca and Accord, we have the opportunity to give people access not only to the pieces they already love, but also the chance to discover and explore every interpretation of that piece, at the click of a button – anywhere they like. This app is our first step towards providing a better experience for classical fans.” This app which is the first of it's kind gives Deezer users a full spectrum of music to choose from, ranging from classical giants to modern day stars. Check it out here.