6 step guide to etiquette on a first date…

A colleague here at Hunter PR towers is opening herself up to the crazy world of dating! So we thought what better time to put together some etiquette tips to having a successful first date.

Firstly before entering into an agreement to undertake a ‘first date’ be clear on the guys intention, there generally will be tell tale signs of a guys intention, respectful humored conversation pre-date will generally mean the guy is also looking for a ‘first date’ – innuendo type conversations or interactions generally mean this guy is looking for no more then one date if you catch our drift.

OK, now that’s out of the way we can proceed to the 6 steps to having a successful first date!

Step 1: Dress code. Remember ladies your milkshake may bring all the boy’s to the yard but it won’t keep them from jumping the fence for a dip in your neighbors pool, so save that freakum dress for a later date and keep’um guessing! You don’t want to give away too much too soon.

Step 2: Watch out for the red flags when the date has begun, if a guy suggests you do shots kindly pass! Vomiting on a first date is not a good look on anyone!

Step 3: The X files. By no means should you or your date talk about your ex’s on a first date if either of you do bring up ex’s by either bashing them or admiring you should not be on the date – plan escape route immediately.

Step 4: The comfort zone. Remember ladies a first date is no place for being too comfortable so keep your bad habits / excessive drinking / Facebook addiction for at least date no 4 and at no point should you TWEET about the date while your still on the date!

Step 5: Zip it.  Indulge in some light hearted conversation, get to know one another, simple questions, try not to over indulge yourself by waffling on with your life story, its true he may not have anything interesting to say but how will you know if you don’t zip it and come up for air once in a while?

Step 6: When can I see you again? Ending a date is always a little tricky it could potentially be a deal breaker for further dates so remember a guys motivation can always be questioned when you get an invitation back for ‘coffee’.  Keep it low-key end the night with a kiss & a second date arrangement.

 And * Poof * congratulationsyou’ve just had a successful first date.

Of course there are extenuating circumstances to any first date and we would advise you to run for your lives if any of the following occurs:

1: Your asked to join a cult.

2:  You notice evidence of a wife & kids.

Remember the most difficult part of dating is the initial invitation so plays safe kids.