3e smash viewership figures with UFC Fight Night Dublin

Conor_mcgregor_UFC_Dublin Conor McGregors fight against Brazilian Diego Brandao last Saturday night has become the highest rated sporting event ever to be aired on 3e. Coverage of the MMA reached 600,000 views in total with 340,200 concurrent viewers at its peak. This was a 21% share of the available audience! Pretty impressive stats considering this is the first time the UFC have returned to Ireland since 2009. Jeff Ford, TV3 Group Director of Content, said: “Saturday night’s fantastic UFC ratings prove that there is a real hunger for MMA in Ireland, in particular Ireland’s own star attraction and showman Conor McGregor. 3e was the first broadcaster to take the plunge and broadcast UFC Live and Free to Air and the feedback from our viewers has been great.” McGregor has turned into an Irish Icon in the past few months from his flashy style to his quippy personality Conor has been making waves in the media with Carl O'Malley from the Irish Times saying "No Irish sportsman or woman has created such a sub-culture. It's a phenomenon usually reserved for footballers and rock stars"conor-mcgregor-irish-times The response online to McGregors victory hasn't been contained to Ireland, even Arnold Schwarzenegger was Tweeting about the event! arnold_conor_mcgregor_quote and even the mega famous Niall Horan had something to say! niall_horan_ufc_quote I think we can safely say we will be seeing a lot more of Conor both in and out of the ring!