3 rules for blog updating...

Having trouble updating your blog regularly? Keep these three rules in mind for updating your blog more often!

1. Don’t overthink

Only a few of your posts will be perfect or rather almost perfect. It's important not to overthink it. What we mean is stop worrying so much about the quality of your post. This may sound ridiculous in the world where we constantly, for a reason, talk about quality content. We're not saying, publish whatever or that quality doesn’t matter. Quite the contrary. It’s just that many times we are too critical. Whatever you write (unless you’re not a good writer), it will be about 80 per cent all right. So don’t wait, just write.

2. Don’t overcommit yourself 

To update a blog daily, especially if you’re very busy, is daunting. Research shows that the more often a company updates its blog, the more readers it gets. But if you’re a one-man band and not a serial writer then you should think carefully how many posts you can really manage a month.


- write three to four longer, more analytical posts a month.

- Post shorter opinions on other days.

- Reblog other blogs and add your own short opinion to it.

3. Guest blogging 

Allowing others to guest post on your blog is beneficial for so many reasons. First, it lifts the burden of having to write something on a regular basis. Second, known bloggers improve the credibility and even increase traffic to your blog. Third, you keep up the level of quality, especially during dry spells or if you’re too busy to stick to your commitment – both can happen from time to time. Choose your guest bloggers carefully.